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Portable Compactors

Our portable compactors offer outstanding performance, low maintenance costs and many smart features. The compactors are available in different types, the 725 and 729 can be used to compact light commercial waste and the 731 and 745 can compact both light and heavy commercial waste.
Each compactor has their own fill guide on them. These machines require a key to operate them which are currently sold for £30.79 each.
Model Number Volume (m3) Length (mm) Breadth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Max. Weight filled approx (kg) Max. Static roll load approx (kg)
725 10 4535 1900 2160 2100 7100 1780
729 10 4785 1900 2160 2100 7100 1805
731 25 7145 2500 2455 4660 17160 4290
Table image showing EWS Portable Compactors
EWS Waste Compactor

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