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Heavy Duty Balers

EWS produces a mill size bale with our 450 and 650 balers which are ideal for medium to large amounts of recyclable material. The balers have retainer claws to prevent spring back of material in the bale chamber. The balers have fully automated bale ejectors, which simplify the removal of the bales. The 650 baler is for heavy duty and produce bales weight output of 650kg. The large loading aperture makes it easy to load material into the baler meaning there is no need to flatten boxes. It also has five-wire tying for a more secure bale.
EWS Heavy Duty Baler
Baler Dimensions
Model Number Height Width Depth Weight
450 3000mm 1730mm 1000mm 1400mm
650 3300mm 2100mm 1075kg 2640kg


Bale Dimensions
Model Number Width Depth Height Bale Weight
450 1200mm 800mm 1000mm 450kg (depending on material)
650 1500mm 1100mm 1100kg 650kg (depending on material)
EWS Baler Dimensions
EWS Bale Dimensions

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